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NT Progress Forex Terminal

We developed client terminal for NTPro FOREX trading platform. This project was implemented from design through implementation, testing and deployment. We utilized Qt framework to provide cross platform compatibility (Windows, macOS, Linux).


Custom solution to provide web access to monitor set of c++ application servers running under Redhat and .NET environments.

C++ client library for application servers to collect data and transmit over legacy TCP/IP protocol. C++ server that collects data from services over tcp/ip, writes logs and sensor data to the MSSQL database and provides JSON model to the Javascript UI. C++ CGI scripts to pull data from MSSQL database. Javascript UI implemented using Dojo framework. UI application polls C++ server using JSON model via Ajax calls to collect all data for visualization. Apache integration to handle all HTTP communication

Outscanner Application (iOS) and Server

The application allows an user to scan food product bar code and get all nutritional and ingredients information. We developed mobile frontend application for iOS as well as server backend. There were server administration tools developed to allow a moderator to manage the products database.


Several years of consulting, integrated with the client's development team, frequent onsite visits. Development of the communication TCP/IP and multicast subcomponents of the patient monitoring devices.

Technical details:

  • C++ libraries for the broadcasting and receiving health sensor parameters over legacy protocols
  • Porting network related code from C++ to .NET platform for the next generation of products
  • Development of the linux drivers for the embedded devices/controllers
  • Performance analysis and optimizations of the C++ components including UI rendering
  • Development within extensive legacy C/C++ codebase


qBook is platform that allows fast content authoring for the mobile platforms. iOS and Android application viewers are developed for end users to download and view authored content. Content is authored via blend of the XML,HTML and media files. End user application are dependent on the field of use and could be a prospects, navigational guides, collection of the media rich articles for a specific fields of interest.

Technical details:

  • iOS and Android client UI implementation
  • Skinning mechanism for the iOS application
  • Common C++ codebase for the iOS and Android for the database handling, change tracking and content download
  • Media rich content management
  • Offline content viewing, version based change tracking
  • Navigation support for and shortest route algorithms built using boost graphs
  • XML based content authoring
  • SVN integrated content publishing
  • Set of Linux scripts/application for the publishing
  • Backoffice web(Drupal) based content management and publishing infrastructure

Web service is implemented via web Javascript application built using a Foundation framework. All communication with the server is handled via a REST JSON calls. Server side is implemented using Django framework and REST API. Additionally a Django templates backend is implemented to provide a moderation mechanism for the user content.

Technical details:

  • Django python server running under apache WSGI
  • Javascript Ajax UI written on Foundation framework
  • JSON REST service for client-server communication
  • Integration with the OAUTH social media logins

qbExpo — система информационной поддержки и навигации для выставок, разработанная для пользователей мобильных устройств на платформах iOS и Android. Приложение qbExpo предназначено для предоставления пользователю исчерпывающей информации о выставке и определения местоположения пользователя.

Буклет выставки может содержать любую информацию, представляющую интерес для посетителей:

  • каталог компаний-экспонентов
  • раздел новостей
  • информацию о семинарах, конференциях и прочих мероприятиях
  • рекламную информацию
  • анонсы следующих выставок

Spoootnik application was developed on a subcontract basis to perform file synchronization tasks via a local storage and an Amazon s3 servers.

Technical details:

  • iOS based UI
  • Multiple threading for the file upload/download
  • Integration with the internal iOS viewers for the known formats to the OS
  • Playback support for the audio/video content
  • Complete code hang over to a client with the set of documentation for future maintenance